Build Lasting Wealth
Without Risking Your Money
In The Markets

Discover How Cash Flow Banking™ Can Help You:

  • Earn a consistent, guaranteed return no matter what the stock market does
  • Be your own "bank" and quickly borrow cash for anything you want without the hassle of a loan application and no annoying credit checks.
  • Automatically build up a cash reserve for investing, emergencies, vacations, business needs or tax-free retirement.
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Cash Flow Banking™ is the financial strategy used by the wealthiest families,
companies and the political elite to protect and grow their wealth.

Some of the most powerful and wealthy people of the past century have relied on the power of Cash Flow Banking™.

That elite list includes business leaders like...

  • Walt Disney
  • JC Penney,
  • Ray Croc,
  • John D. Rockefeller, and the
  • Rothschild family...

Presidents like...

  • John F. Kennedy
  • William Taft and
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt...

And politicians like...

  • Senator John McCain and
  • President Joe Biden.

So while the average investor takes on greater risk to make up for the lost decade of Wall Street returns, the rich play by a different set of rules, rig the game in their favor and lock in guaranteed returns with limited risk.

If you want to be rich, do what the rich do. They don't rely on luck or gamble in the Wall Street casino. They play it safe and smart.

Because the fact is...


You Don’t Need “More Risk” for Higher Returns ...
You Need a Smarter “System”

The Cash Flow Banking™ System is a smarter system because it allows you to simultaneously preserve, protect and grow your wealth in one simple account. Your money is not "locked up" like it is in most retirement accounts. You can access and use your money any time you want for any purpose.

Here's how it works:


Deposits you make into your Cash Flow Bank™ never lose value. A portion or all of the money in your account is safe from lawsuits. Your account is a contract, so you know exactly what your guaranteed returns are. And since this is a private contract, it is not regulated like government-sponsored retirement plans.


Your wealth grows automatically as your account enjoys tax-favored growth and takes full advantage of compounding interest. The steady, guaranteed return historically averages around 2-4%, while non-guaranteed dividends can boost these returns up to 5-6%.


Access cash for any purpose using easy, quick-access loans (while your balance continues to grow). These loans from your "bank" are private, do not have a specific payback period, and do not require a credit check (or even a good credit score for that matter).

Cash Flow Banking™ Helps You Create Real, Lasting Wealth ... Automatically

  • Grows your deposits by an annual, guaranteed rate (historically 2-4%) plus additional dividends that can boost your cash value up to 5-6%.
  • Provides capital preservation without risking principle, so your cash value is not affected by market volatility and you won’t lose your money if the economy “crashes” again.
  • Eliminates cash flow problems with quick-access loans for any purpose. No credit check required and no questions asked.
  • Protects you against litigation, so you never have to worry about losing your money due to a lawsuit or bankruptcy (protection varies by State).
  • Offers immediate access to your money in the event of a disability or any other emergency without having to "cash out" (so you won't trigger an expensive capital gain).
  • Allows you to receive monthly checks TAX FREE when you decide to retire... with no age restrictions and no early withdrawal penalties.

Very few people even know about the Cash Flow Banking™ system, but those who invest the small amount of time to educate themselves have been thrilled...

Over 5,121 Satisfied Clients since 1998

Mike Dillard

Cash Flow Banking is the foundation of my entire wealth plan and acts like a holding tank for my money until I make my next Cash Flow investment.

My personal Cash Flow Bank is on pace to provide me with a $100,000 per month tax-free retirement starting at age 60.

Mike Dillard
Founder of
The Elevation Group
Austin, Texas
Garrett Gunderson

I have used Cash Flow Banking since 1998 and have been able to purchase a car and earn the interest rather than pay interest, utilize it for down payments on real estate, building a TV studio for my business and most recently buying into a business to expand my returns far beyond any retirement account.

Garrett Gunderson
Author of Killing Sacred Cows
Co-Founder of Wealth Factory

“I should have done this 15 years ago” - Richard G.

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5,121 clients
since 1998

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See How Cash Flow Banking™ Can Change Your Life...

Finance Your Own Home

Ron didn't have enough available cash for the down payment on his second home, so he and his wife borrowed the difference from their Cash Flow Bank™. How well did it work out? Ron says, "We just used our Cash Flow Bank™ for the purchase of our third home. Our second home is a rental now with positive cash flow every month. I figure in two more years we will be buying our 4th house the same way."

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Pay Off Debt

A series of unexpected bills and some emergency dental work left Kristen and her husband with an unexpected $30,000 debt on their credit card. By using a loan from their Cash Flow Bank™, they not only avoided the deadly credit card fees and wealth-crippling interest rates, they'll actually become wealthier as they pay off their debt. It works so well because they are now paying themselves back, not the credit card company.

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