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  • How to take out loans against your Cash Flow Bank™ value for any purpose you want, while still earning interest on the entire balance.
  • How to protect yourself against creditors, so you don't have to worry about losing your money due to a lawsuit, divorce or bankruptcy (in most cases).
  • How to get immediate access to your money in the event of a disability.
  • How to withdraw 100% of your money TAX FREE when you decide to retire.

Disclaimer: Everyone's situation is unique, so results will vary. When you meet with a Certified Cash Flow Banking Specialist, we will discuss your situation, and explore your options.

Over 5,121 Satisfied Clients since 1998

Cash Flow Banking is the foundation for my entire wealth plan. My personal Cash Flow Bank is on pace to provide me with a $100,000 per month tax-free retirement.

Mike Dillard
Founder of The Elevation Group
Austin, Texas

I have used Cash Flow Banking since 1998 and have been able to purchase a car and earn the interest rather than pay interest, utilize it for down payments on real estate, building a TV studio for my business and most recently buying into a business.

Garrett Gunderson
Author of Killing Sacred Cows
Co-Founder of Wealth Factory