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I just started my Cash Flow bank a few months ago. I have already used some of the cash for a Dental Procedure.

It is so nice to not have to use my credit cards for something like this.

I will be starting my kids on there own too!

Patty R.
Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy
Lagunitas, CA

I have used a form of Cash Flow Banking since 1999 and can say that the financial crisis and internet bubble had NO affect on my Cash Flow bank account values. I use loans from my Cash Flow in my software business to buy other businesses, and the liquidity has helped get new deals quickly because there is no closing or financing needed.

Joe M
Joe M.
author of Human Energy: An Innovative Guide to Building a World-Class Business
Detroit, Michigan

In the past, I was taught that accumulating money in a whole life insurance policy was a waste of money. I am so glad now that I have met Dale and Garrett. They helped me to understand the proper way to purchase Whole Life through the Cash Flow Banking approach.

A friend of mine who easily had the ability to afford a new $800,000 home is having trouble getting the financing to purchase his home. If he had started a whole life policy he could have loaned himself the money to purchase it.

Now because of Dale and Garrett, I will never have to worry about financing again. I only wish that I had started sooner. That is precisely the reason why I am in the process of setting up cash flow banking policies on my children.

Dr. Ben Warnock
Lima, Ohio

I will pay off my house six years earlier than planned!

I started a Cash Flow Banking policy a few years ago and without having to think about it, I have built up cash value over the years. Recently I refinanced my house and will be saving save over $100k in interest and will now pay off my house six years earlier than planned!! I was only able to pay the closing costs of my new loan and close the deal because of the cash savings I had built up in my policy.


I set up my cash flow banking policy back in 2009. The life insurance specialist that assisted me in the initial setup took advantage of a powerful feature called the paid-up additions rider, which allowed me to super charge my policy with extra cash value from Day One. A few years later I suffered a mild heart attack while on a work trip to South America making me essentially uninsurable. Thankfully, I am doing just fine and having a policy already in force has brought great peace of mind.

In addition, having the whole life policy in place provides comfort of not having to carry a term insurance policy into retirement. This provides freedom to spend down other assets without worrying about providing for my wife on my departure. The policy also provides the ability to take advantage of a reduced paid-up option (RPU) on my cash flow banking strategy, which allows me to control when I turn the policy on or off. When I retire, I can turn off the requirement to make any future premium payments, but still have full access to 100% of my cash value.

Brian Baird
Technical Manager, Mine Planning Strategy & Development
Santiago, Chile

Helped Us Get Through Some Unexpected Cash Flow Emergencies

My cash flow bank is relatively small but after a year I had accumulated about $3500. About 5 months ago, there were a series of unexpected bills that had come up that had left my liquid reserves tapped out and then my wife's car needed $1200 in repairs. Instead of putting it on a credit card, I called up my cash flow banking agent and told him I needed some cash. 3 days later I had a check in my hand.

Dave H.
Janesville, WI

I Feel Less Afraid of the Future...

Last year my husband took a 47% cut from his annual wages. It sounds difficult, but we learned a valuable lesson about trying to make ends meet using credit card. It don't work. We were able to pay off the credit card and refinance our home with funds from our Cash Flow Bank. We are paying the loan back our way, our time. It is just wonderful and I am now less afraid of the future.

Monica G.
Kennewick, Washington

I was able to bail myself out of credit card debt and real estate dramas...

I created my own Cash Flow Life Insurance Bank over 10 years ago. This was created from three whole life policies. When the real estate market went upside down in 2008, I owned several properties and was able to bail myself out of credit card debt and real estate dramas that could have taken me down the path of bankruptcy, all through the use of my own Cash Flow Bank. Today I have recaptured all my losses and live with a large infusion of liquidity that allows me to choose and have amazing flexibility in my personal finances, life, and daily choices. I feel freedom and prosperity that has enabled me to retire from my day job with much more peace, satisfaction, and joy.

Layton, Utah

Used it 3 Different Ways...

I have used funds from my Cash Flow Bank account for:

1. Unexpected car repair, my son wrecked one of our clinic cars.

2. Taking advantage of sale items for our 2 veterinary clinics.

3.Down payment on purchase of rental property

Jon M., DVM

Got Me Off My Butt...

I started a Cash Flow Bank and have used the money to make 3 other investments... This strategy really got me off my butt and got me moving on all the different investment opportunities that are out there. It's nice to have my account automatically grow every month so I have money to invest when something new comes up. I feel like I have finally taken control of my life.

Douglas F.

I Will Be Able To Retire Very Comfortably!

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! I am forever grateful for the amazing concept of Cash­ Flow Banking. Being only 31, I have a good 30 - ­35 years to invest and have this strategy work for me. I am putting $300 a month into my "bank" and will be able to retire VERY COMFORTABLY!

Joe C.

Wish I Had Known About This Years Ago...

I wish I would have known about Cash Flow Banking years ago. I have begun to help my children with it and I tell everyone about it. I will utilize this for all my long term savings, business and retirement plan.

Brian C.

Paying For My Son's College...

I have a Cash Flow Bank for my son. He is in college and each semester he uses the cash value to pay for his college tuition. Then when he earns his paycheck he pays back the loan. When he graduates we will have used it to pay for his college education, and will still have all the cash value to use for something else...

Jim O.

Using It Like My Own Credit Card...

I am working the Cash Flow Banking plan like a champ now as my cash value continues to grow each month and I have already purchased attic insulation for my rental property and now I am paying it back like my own "credit card". Take that Capital One!

Eric C.

Opens Up More Investment Opportunities...

My Cash Flow Bank has opened up more investment opportunities for myself and my family. I have reformed the traditional investment knowledge that I learned in business school and focused entirely on building my personal Cash Flow Bank to be able to take advantage of future investments when they arise, even giving up my employer 401(k) match. My greatest disappointment is that I didn't know about this opportunity 10 years ago….

Ian F.

Gives Me Financial Peace of Mind..

I was able to use my Cash Flow Bank to finance a trip to Africa, and it was fantastic! I love that I can borrow money from the account and still have all my cash value earning an interest rate. About the same time that I started my policy I also started a Roth IRA invested in the stock market. Over the next year or two I watched my Roth account value get cut in half due to market fluctuations. But the value in my Cash Flow Banking policy has only ever grown. It gives me some financial peace of mind in such a crazy economy. Thank you!!

Whitney S.

We Paid Off Our Mortgage!

Just two months ago we did something we had only dreamed of doing; we paid off our mortgage! This took the full amount of our Cash Flow Bank balance to accomplish, but once again, we were able to use the funds knowing we were still earning money on them even while we were paying off our mortgage. Now we are fortunate enough to have no debt, and we are extremely thankful for our policy which we are truly using as a bank.

Mike C.

Additional Wealth Without Unnecessary Risk...

Cash Flow Banking is the most efficient way that I have found to preserve and create additional wealth - and I can do it without taking on unnecessary risks! I have used my policy for personal as well as business use. I am getting ready to use my policy to buy a new car.

Justin A.

Cash Flow Banking Works!

I opened my first policy 3 years ago after I was introduced to Cash Flow Banking from a co-worker. Shortly after I opened my policy I lost my job. How amazing it was to use cash value from my policy to pay my mortgage while I looked for work again. I paid back the loans after I got a new job and then used cash value to pay off old debts. And the process continues – Cash Flow Banking works!

Michael B.